Friday, October 2, 2009

Will Chicago host the Olympics in 2016?

Obama gave a great plea for his city and country but we will not know for a few more hours who will get to host the games. Find out first right here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

911 its an emergency

Please everyone take a moment and thank God we are Americans. And please bless those who lost lives on September 11, 2001. I wish we could understand.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

joe wilson is

A typical republican sad to say but true. Glen Beck and fatball have made money on showing the rest of us what the republican agenda is all about. STOP Obama at all cost. They hope for us to get killed in a terrorist attack, so we can see Obamas bad. They hope we have a civil war. They hope our President is assassinated. They all ways want to govern so bad but when they have had thier chances they showed they are a backseat driver with 3 DUIs. Everytime we let them drive we end up in a ditch. Whem we let Bush Jr drive he totaled our car after killing 7000 pedestrians. Now they want to drive again but they are no longer asking to drive, they are highjacking us(US). We can not let this happen. Please read, read history, nothing good for working men or women has ever came via Repulicans, only war and rip offs.............PERIOD....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

everyones a crook

What happened to the honest people of the world. What happened to the news its all a game.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We must have healthcare reform now

Please do not believe the lies. The insuance company will stop at nothing to stop this bill. And anyone who tries to scare you, is working for our enemy. Palin,Beck, Rush, Republicans are whores for the insurers. This is money to them nothing else. Dont be scared find the real truth. If we dont pass a good bill. Our country will fall.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

Yesterday I sat with my Daughter and we watched clip after clip of the king of pop. She loves to dance so it just came to me to show her how great he was. It kinda makes me sad to see how much his life had changed since the days of Thriller and Billie Gean. I don't know if the rumors about him are true, either way it was hard to hear that he had passed. I have never been a huge fan of Michael, I just know greatness when I see it. Michael Jackson was great. My personal favorite artist was Tupac. Now, after watching Michael Jackson I started watching old Pac songs and thinking about his death and the mysteries that surround it. I started wishing Tupac had got to spend more time just having fun with his music. I looked back to Tupac's Digital Underground days. He had the smile there that many people share when they realize they have found what they love. I couldn't help but remembering when Michael smiled in the same way. Michael Jackson dead at the age of fifty of an apparent heart attack. He will always be missed. Michael Jackson was truly a great dancer.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor is a racist

This lady is wrong for Americas highest court, she shouldn't even be a judge. How can she assume she could reach a better conclusion than a white male that she does not even know. She does not know his experiences, in fact this is a hypothetical person, so in her mind it's better to be a minority. It is wrong to assume that being a specific minority could give you better insight than others. She needs to withdraw her name. Obama is starting to disappoint me. I campaigned for him and I hope he realizes white people elected him. These illegal aliens need to be deported, now.

what happend to my country

I was just watching our congress in action. Representative Barbara Lee was speaking on our economy and the new agenda. She spoke for an hour about minorities and how much money has been allocated for them. I'm white and a male, so I guess there is no stimulus for me and my family. She mentioned money for minority owned business, schooling, food stamps, job placement, including job placement for ex convicts, women, childcare, health care and housing All of which was all added to the stimulus package. I thought we were not suppose to discriminate. I guess that does not apply to white males. Now I know you may say that blacks, women and others make less than whites therefor we need to level the playing field. Funny thing is, there have been programs that minorities have not taken advantage of that were already in place before this stimulus. Yey many minority groups still complain that they do not have the advantages that others have. This just adds to more handouts. It seems the only minority group that is not complaining is the Asians. Mabey because they are the highest paid of all ethnic groups. including whites. This is America, the land of oppertunity. If you want to make more money and have a good life you can. Go to college, hell if you are minority you can get a free ride as long as you can read. Stop having kids you can not afford. Who do you think pays for all of this. This country is screwed. I don't know how to end this except WTF?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama's Deficit?

The estimated population of the United States is 306,240,937
so each citizen's share of this debt is $36,952.67.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$3.82 billion per day since September 28, 2007

America's deficit as I write this blog stands at

What caused this debt? Obama? Obama who has only been in office for a few months now? Did Obama not come into office with a deficit?

The cost of war: $860,850,934,756.00
$5,000 per minute, $12 billion monthly.
Now many Bush supporters claim the war is needed, it has kept us safe since 9-11. Personally, I believe 9-11 should never have happened. I have been afraid, along with millions of other Americans, since then. How many attacks of that magnitude have happened before or since?

November 9171:
Iranian students attacked and seized the American Embassy in Tehran.
April 1983: A large vehicle packed with high explosives was driven into the US Embassy compound in Beirut.
December 1983: Another truck loaded with explosives is driven into the US Embassy in Kuwait.
September 1984: Yet another van was driven into the gate of the US Embassy in Beirut.
April 1985: A bomb explodes in a restaurant frequented by US soldiers in Madrid.
February 1993: A group of terrorists are arrested after a rented van packed with explosives is driven into the underground parking garage of the World Trade Center in New York City. Six people are killed and over 1000 are injured.
November 1995: A car bomb explodes at a US military complex in Riyadh.
June 1996: another truck bomb explodes only 35 yards from the US military compound in Dhahran.
October 2000: Attack on USS Cole in the port of Aden.
September 2001: Two hijacked planes crash into the World Trade Center, one "mystery" plane crashes into the Pentagon. While another plane "disintegrates"
New York City.

This is a few of the terrorist events in our history. With this obvious build up of terrorist attacks, why was the information before 9-11 pushed aside? There was enough information to prevent this attack. From the pilot training station in Florida to anonymous tips.
The biggest terrorist attack in US history occurred on George W. Bush's watch.
Why are we in Iraq? Why has the war been labeled "Operation Iraqi Freedom" Why has it taken 8 years to resolve this conflict?

George W. Bush left office with the highest deficit in US history. The needless war is only one example of needless spending during his administration. Obama did not create this deficit he merely inherited it.

The bottom line is: If you supported the war in Iraq. If you supported the Bush administration. If you supported deregulation, wastful spending, tax cuts for the top %5 percent and a war plan with no end then you supported the deficit. The economy was in a free fall. See I did not vote for Bush I Knew GWB would destroy this country. Please remember if Bush wasn't so terrible there would not be an OBAMA or Democratic majority that is filabuster proof. Really Obamas' deficit?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Please tell me that you are not falling for Cheney's lies. This is what I gather from the entire situation. Bush was appointed President after a very close and never settled election. This left the country divided and weakened his position. He was focused on Iraq and bringing down Saddam. During this early time he was given information on the domestic threats from Bin Laden, that he ignored, because it did not fit in his agenda. This is where I fail to understand why action to follow up on the Intel was not ordered. I can only assume he did not take it seriously. A few months later on 9-11 it happened. The Bush administration freaked out at first. Then it dawned on them, they better strike while the iron was hot. The torture performed was to create Intel, not acquire. They simply needed a reason to go into Iraq. Now here it is.

This is just speculation so it can be argued, but water boarding someone 83 times in 30 days is torture. The fact that he is a terrorist is not the point, like Obama said "We are America".
What Dick is doing is dirty. You can't set someone up like he has. Its like a pilot who finished his leg of the flight telling his replacement not to crash the plane in front of the passengers. In this case Dick crashed the plane, more than once. Dick Cheney is a scary dude but the scariest part of this whole ordeal is some of you agree with him and Bush.
Liz Cheney and her dad should be ashamed for this. They are trying to sabotage Obama and the USA. This is bulls@!t.
Bush and Cheney have destroyed this country in so many ways. There is not one thing they did that can be looked at as good for the USA without a ton of debate.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gamecock Baseball Player Arrested

USC Baseball player arrested sat. night, guess where he was at. Everyone is right 5 points is correct. When will these players start going to the Vista. Find older friends with houses off campus. Five points is a ghetto trap. Stay away!
Mathew Rihn an in fielder, apparently was banging on the cops car so they kicked his ass and put him in jail. Standard procedure.
USC has yet to comment. The only thing I want to hear is all athletes are banned from five points for the rest of the year. The students should also stay away if they like college, breathing, freedom, their drivers license, how their nose looks, the windows in their car, virginity, or self respect.


Casey Rihn has been dismissed from the South Carolina baseball team, Gamecocks coach Ray Tanner said Monday.

Rihn was arrested early Sunday morning in Five Points by Columbia police on charges of public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. Slapping a cops car with his hand.

Tanner made the decision to drop the backup second baseman from La Habra, Calif., who had hit .321 in limited playing time this season, after meeting with him Sunday.

Tanner called the transfer from Santa Ana Junior College a quality person and a strong student, but he believed a standard needs to be in place for the program.

“He made a bad decision, and you’re responsible for your decision,” Tanner said. “There are penalties. There are consequences.”

He called the decision not to take Rihn to the SEC Tournament and not renew the player’s scholarship a difficult one.

“I don’t like being the tough guy,” Tanner said. “It’s just the right thing to do.”

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Abortion ?

Has everyone forgot how it was when abortions were illegal. Women still had abortions. Except those that were well off could have a doctor come to their home and perform the abortion discreetly. The poor went to back alley clinics where they were lucky if they had a veterinarian performing the abortion. Alot of times there were complications that were fatal. Others had to be rushed to the ER, and were likely to get caught and arrested.
If they had other children they would be taken from the woman. Causing a ripple effect. A more disturbing fact is that some women had no one to turn to so they tried to abort the pregnancy themselves. Young girls, molested or raped or just ashamed for a number of reasons resorted to close hangers and poison many times.
Students at Notre Dame must not understand this or do not really care. They know they would just fly to a state that allowed abortions if they needed to.
See Obama has to approach issues in the real world. Not the fairy tale land where we can cut taxes and cure problems. Because that does not work. Just look at what he faces.


Now who wants a crapload of new problems that come with outlawing abortion. And were do you stand on torture. Look what this issue has caused. How can anyone spin the fact that torture is illegal and does not work.

And please remember if Gore would have been Pres. When he won the election but Harris stoped the recount and declared Bush the winner in FLA. There would not be an Obama and maybe we would not be so totally screwed. So shut up if you voted for Bush Because you are an idiot.

I do not like killing unborn babies and never will but I'm a man. Do you believe the drug war works. I want a drug war on persciptions like VIAGRA,ZOLOFT,RIDLIN, ect. Im sure Jesus would agree.

Whats important, Whats realistic, When will China rename my state. How long after that will they rename my kids?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

F the banks, credit cards, big business, and stockmarket

When will someone stand up for the little guy. I am so sick of hearing bankers, pundits and politicians explain how poor people are to blame for the worlds trouble. This is so false. Anyone who argues these points are either lying, stupid or both. Poor people can only do what they are allowed. We have been sold out period. Look around and you can see. The have's take from the have nots.
The bailouts 1,500,000,000,000 went to the banks credit cards and God Knows where else. They have used our money in a fight to continue screwing us daily. You can not stop it. If we stop doing business with a company like Citi bank and they lose money they will pay off the politician's so they get bailed out. If you want something done by a congressman try "donating" money to them, this is what happens, except they pay off everyone. This is why credit cards charge 30% interest and why we now own AIG, GM, CITI, and the list continues. And when I say we own them it actually means they own us. So don' t expect any real change.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

stocks, watchout

Watch the market closely there could be drop soon. Don't panic, there is money out there. Swine flu the cause of the pull back, can make you money there is a few stocks that could creep up over the next 2-3 months. NOVAVAX is 1 of those companies. NVAX stock has more than tripled in 3 days. I look for it to move up slowly today with a late surge. Novavax produces the flu vaccine and is the fastest its vaccine, it is already being developed. Catch, It hasn't been approved. They are working with the CDC to get approved quickly. No matter what happens the stock will go up. Lets just hope it doesn't get bad.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fly Over: White House Military Office Terrorizes New York

White House Military Officer Louis Caldera approved the mission which allowed two F-16s and a Boeing 747 that resembles Air Force One, to fly over New York.
The Boeing, flying at low altitudes around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, appeared to be being chased by the F-16s. This is the area where the World Trade Center once stood.

Caldera claims steps were taken to notify the state and local authorities that they would be conducting this photo-op mission on Monday, along with a note that read,
"information in this document shall not be released to the public or the media".

Office building's were evacuated and confused 911 dispatcher's were flooded with calls as panicked citizen's feared the worse. It has not been that long ago that many of these same people witnessed the event's of September 11th first hand.

The ignorance of Caldera and the military allowing this mission to happen is astounding. Caldera has shown that he is in no position to "approve" orders after this unnecessary and potentially dangerous act that caused so much confusion and fear to our citizens. At this point the least Caldera, and anyone involved, could do is resign from their positions immediately.

It is a comfort to know that Obama is also furious over this matter and will take steps to assure this does not happen again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

swine flu

Swine Flu. Get use to those words, you will be hearing them often.
It seems to have originated in Central America.
Originally thought to have been contracted from pigs. It has been spreading from human contact. It is transmitted the same way as the normal flu. Except this flu is deadly. It has claimed the over a hundred life's and this is just the beginning.
In 1917-18 Spanish Influenza claimed more than 2 million life's. In 1957 the Asian Flu pandemic spread from China to the US affecting school children. In 1968 the Hong Kong Flu caused 34,000 deaths in the US.
This strain has shown some resistant to antibiotics. Fortunately, we are far more advanced today.The CDC is currently looking into ways to treat this situation. One biotechnology company, Novavax, is working on vaccines that are not egg-based. (where vaccines are created using chicken egg's in production) Instead they are using a cell culture system. This would speed production and allow the vaccine to be a closer match to the virus strain, making it more effective and safer.
Remember to alway's wash and sanitize your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and don't go to work/school sick. As of right now there are several cases in the US. Everyone needs to be safe.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Draft Day For some GAMECOCKS

7 gamecocks taken in NFL Draft this is the most taken in a single Draft. E Cook was not drafted but is likely to get picked up during free agency. Jared Cook was first to hear his name called when Tenn. use the 89th pick to select the TE from ATL.Our JRs paid the price leaving school early but at least all but 1 were drafted. All in all a good day to be a GAMECOCK! I'll have more about the draft latter.

Capt. Munnerlin 7th R Panthers
R SUCCUP 7th R "last pick" KC

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloggers... You gatta check this out!

So I'm in the google groups messing around when I post the question "how do you get followers" I'm expecting a bunch of replies like... I tell my myspace friends about it. If any at all.

Instead I get this:

★Vin - Official Blog*Star 2007-2009★

This is full of google blog site information you can use to make your site better.

Torture persecution

Should we prosecute those who ordered detainees to be tortured?

The recent evidence released by Obama proves we did in fact torture over the past eight years.
Water boarding and different psychological fear based tortures are among the few outlined in the memo's.
The legal memo's also refer to one detainee, Kalied Shake Mohamad who had been water boarded over 200 times.
Mohamad was one of the main conspirators behind 9-11.

Many on the left are screaming for blood over the newly released information.
President Obama has made it clear that there will be no indictments for soldiers carrying out torture practices that they were ordered to perform.
The lawyers who wrote the legal memos claim the methods we were using were not torture.
Despite how absurd their opinions were they broke no laws, since this was just their opinion.

The buck ultimately stops with the president, vice president, his cabinet, advisers and staff.
There is no way in hell the United States, any other country or legal body can try the executive branch of the United States. There is classified information strategies, tactics, knowledge and general practices of operations that would prevent any trial from taking place. It would be a legal nightmare.

Also, doing so would tie up our entire judicial system. It would be a huge distraction that would be prolonged for years to come. This is one case that may never be resolved completely. This could cause serious division among Americans. The crippling effects would be devastating. This is not a time that we can afford to waste energy chasing our tail.

There is no good that could come from indicting G. W. Bush, Cheney or the rest of the idiots that got us into this mess. Although they deserve to be punished for their actions. The truth is America voted twice to elect G.W. and we knew what we were getting. Our hands are also dirty. Although I did not vote for Bush on either occasion we are all Americans. We all share the responsibility in one way or another. If for no other reason than the fact that these actions were committed in our name.

The thing is you can't change the past, what's done is done. It's unfortunate that President Bush chose to ignore the morals and standards that IS, America.
America has always promoted humane treatment for prisoners. In fact we demanded it. It's in our constitution, it defines our freedom and our ideals. There is no good ending to this chapter of American history.

Our focus should be on the future. We have a new administration whose plate is absolutely full. If your upset with our government, get involved.

"We do not torture"

That's something we can never say again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama handshake. Sign of change or weakness?

"It's unlikely that as a consequence of me shaking hands or having a polite conversation with Mr. Chavez that we are endangering the strategic interests of the United States," Obama said.

I agree despite the criticism surrounding the Obama-Chavez handshake. I think this in fact makes us look stronger. It shows a side of America that other countries have not seen before.

What are the arguments? Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, an anti-American dictator, should be shunned. Obama should have walked out. This makes America look weak.

Bush has also been photographed shaking hands with Chavez. The right aparently didn't have a problem with that.

Chavez has said “It’s a policy of permanent aggression, of war, of terrorism by the US empire. That’s the great guilty one, the great Satan.” He also referred to Bush as "the devil"

In light of the controversy, Chavez is showing that he is now willing to send an ambassador to the US. During the Bush administration Chavez turned a US ambassador away without a single word. Change?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Captain Phillips was rescued today by Navy Seal snipers 3 pirates were killed 1 captured.Officials say Captains life was in danger so they took out the targets.There were 3 shots fired all head shots. The pirates were approximately 50 meters from the Navy seals and moving. Great job guys.
thank god

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pirates of the Indian Ocean

Doesn't have the same ring to it as, Pirates of the Caribbean. But the east coast of Africa is an absolute hotbed for pirates. Since my name is William Turner I believe the I can help. I have an idea of how to stop the pirates.
The US Navy Seals could sail a ship disguised as a merchant ship into the port pretending to carry a precious cargo. Allow this false info to be spread. Then make the ship appear extremely vulnerable. This should be done over and over until they strike. Like fishing for pirates. When they take the bait blow there ass away. Continue this method sailing under our allies flags until the pirates are dead. The news would spread spooking other would be pirates.
It seems to me we over complicate everything. Fear is a great deterrent and our greatest fear, is the fear of the unknown.
The question is do we(USA) want to solve our problems or are pretending. Then the next question would be.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Steven Colbert vs John Stewart

If you are like me you watch your share of Comedy Central and you know John Stewart is the king of political satire. But has his protege surpassed him for the crown?
Steven Colbert is a pure genius his whit is scary. Constant comebacks and insults is his fortae. But his gift of making prominent people look stupid is his greatest asset.
Both comedians are funny but they also make a lot of since.
I wish the media wasn't lazy and would actually investigate whats happening to our country. There's 100 years worth of stories there. But they just read a wire and ask the talking heads what they think. No one cares what these a- wholes think I want facts and it's shame that I have to get my info from Comedy Central. But Colbert has more respect Than Pat Buchanan ( he worked for Nixon) he constantly makes comparisons to his experiences in that administration, that was 40 years ago.
Hey NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN, all of you SUCK. How about breaking a News Story. The Bloggers can handle the opinions.

UNC, Wins another 1


UNC beat Michigan st. to win the National Championship of College BB. Obama picked them to win.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Missing Children

It makes me sick that someone could hurt a child. We obviously need to step up what were are doing to protect our children!

Get involved by visiting the website for missing children listed below.

You can copy and paste a banner from there page to display on your blogs that looks like the one listed here.

There are also other banners that you can add to any sites that you may have.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Caveat emptor

Sounds too good to be true? Buyer beware...... Most likely it is.

Over the past eight years our economy has really took a nosedive. Thanks GWBush! Every day seems to bring new layoffs across America. With so many struggling today, the uncertainty of tomorrow weighs on us all.

Desperate and with little hope, many Americans have started looking to others means of employment and income.

Yes, it would be awesome if I could work from home. Be here for the kids, work when I want to.
Or perhaps a government grand. I could start up a small business, be my own boss. Unfortunately, %95 of these programs are scams.

That "How to submit your grant" CD that cost only $1.99? The one that never showed up and a month latter my account was drained CD that many Americans have purchased. Yep, that's the one I'm talking about. Along with millions of other scams.

You see, there are two kinds of people. Those that need it and get creative looking for new ways to get it. And those that know there's people looking for it and take advantage of them.
What do these people have in common? They both have a need to fill.

Why do scams work? Is it because people are stupid or gullible? NO, its not.

These people that pull off successful scams can be incredibly clever.
Getting your money is what they're thinking about. Constantly.
It's the same in all situation's that pose a risk to those who think of it "sometimes".

From 1-800 numbers to web sites. These people have their act together. Waiting for you to get online, pick up your phone or check your mail. Do yourself a favor, check it out first.

I received a call recently. The woman says she is going to mail me a CD. This includes all the information I need to write and submit a request for a government grant. It only cost's $1.99. Not a lot right, who can't afford that. But, I haven't asked for this information so why is she calling me? I say I'm not interested, at this point she tries to talk me into it. Telemarketers uh! you know how they are. I am forced to hang up on her mid sentence. A little while latter the phone is ringing again. Same person. The next day I receive several more calls. Now, I want to know who this is. This prompts me to conduct a reverse phone look-up. Los Angeles? HUH? I also get a name, not expecting much I punch it and the number in the search bar. Turns out these people calling me have been calling alot of people. They even managed to get the credit card Numbers of some of them.

I also found out that I can call the number back. Turns out the only way to stop them from calling you is to call them. Unceasingly and angry for an hour or two.

While I felt this was obvious, some scams may not be. Keep in mind the %95!!

Some of those that could fool even the most suspicious person include...

Fake downloads. A screen pops up warning that you picked up a virus. You must now download a anti-virus to get rid of it.

Fake web pages. They look like the real thing until you enter your information.

E-Mails. You open them up and out pops a virus.

Scholarship, Real estate, Health care, Lottery, Identity theft, Phishing scams, Hoaxes, Fraud, Work from home.

Now you don't have to freak out, here are a few things that you can do.

Always! Always check the company/person/site out before making a move.

If you are pressured to "Act Now!" without being able to think about it then DON'T do it.

Use some protection when surfing. Personally, I use Firefox Mozzilla's Web of Trust tool. I can see what sites are BS and which are authentic.

If you do get scammed, report it. There's likely no chance for you to recover your losses doing this. But you may prevent this from happening to others.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama, Arives at G20 amid protest

President Barack Obama landed in Europe earlier today. He has a full itinerary, including the much anticipated meeting with, Queen Elizabeth. Obama makes the 11th sitting American President to have the pleasure of meeting Her Majesty. The last, President GWB kissed the queens hand which is a no-no. Lets hope Obama has improved his own etiquette. He recently shocked a marine, as he stood guard near Air Force One, by shaking his hand instead of the customary salute. He also gave British Prime Minister a DVD box set as a gift. Not only was this a lame gift, they will not play on British DVD players.
Obama has bigger fish to fry. No disrespect to Her Majesty, but the worlds economy is in the dumps. France is demanding a world financial regulation body. Which, will not happened. The US can not allow our financial system to be regulated out side our borders. A NWO of any kind is not acceptable by no means.
Obama also has needs. He wants Europe to match our stimulus package, considering most of the money we spend benefits the rest of the world. This has the potential to be huge for our economic recovery.
There is also a large protest taking place at the G-20 summit. The protesters are mainly fired up over the bailouts in England. One small group stormed a bank and set it on fire.
The fire was extinguished very quickly. These types of protest are common in Europe. I am surprised we haven't seen this type of behavior in the US considering the amount of corruption in our own financial industry.

( Obama gave the Queen an I-Pod.) Will someone please inform the President he lives in a museum, all he has to do is close his eyes and pick something. Rich white people, like old shit.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gamecock Football

The Gamecocks will get TEN wins this season. Garcia will be so much improved it will be scary. He studies film and defenses around the clock. The physical ability is there and if he works on his footwork he, will be fine. Look for the o line to improve, it can't be worse. Mathews is going to move to a blocking end and by all accounts this will bring some much needed heart to the unit. Jiles will start and watch out all sec candidate. At wide out there is big shoes to fill, loosing Kenny hurts, but maybe this will force Garcia into his progressions. But I look for some guys to step up. Barnes is due and Hills is a sleeper but I really look for a dark horse to step in, E Baker could be that slot, speed, WR we need. Players not to forget TE Saunders, QB Hillary.
The defence will be better against the run and will maintain their ability to defend the pass. Look for a lot of SB blitz.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ignorance and laziness?

I recently came across this comment, that I can not ignore, posted on You Tube:

"This is the second video I have watched on this same topic. Ignorance and laziness will be the death of people. What happened to hard work and self control? America was founded by people that believed anyone can archive anything if they work hard and focus on goals. Just waiting for the government to help you with everything is stupidity and pathetic. I should not have to pay the government to help morons out. God Bless America." "It's time people take responsibilities for there own actions. Stop blaming everyone else. I own three homes and have owned others in the past. Each time before I closed the deal on the new purchase of the home I knew what I was getting into. I knew what type of loan I was signing up for and I knew what the payments would be. Only greed and ignorance will cause someone to purchase a home they can't afford. If you want a big house make sure you can afford it, If you want a small one do the same." "I am not a guru in wealth management but its only common sense don't buy things you cant afford. The Government is in the same boat, They are so deep in debt but yet they keep handing out money to people or business when those people or businesses should fail or go bankrupt. You learn lessons from failing I know I have. But the government does not seem to learn nor do some people. Instead my taxes will go up because of someone else's mistakes and stupidity. It may be rude but it's true."

The comment above was posted in response to the crisis in "Tent City"

After reading this response, I went to this persons profile and what I found was vacation videos. His profile states that "some things may get a little political" but that must have been drowned out somewhere between "Disney World" and "Birds flying on the beach"
What would this man know about laziness?

Do you know how much energy it takes to be on vacation and run three homes? How "greedy" of you people to want to buy a single house for your family!!

It was people like this jackass above that bought houses so they could brag about them. Banks want to lend more money, the bigger the loan the more money they make. The value of a house doesn't have much to do with the house itself. If a house that's worth $40,000 sells for $100,000 the other houses in that area are now worth a lot more than they were. The more houses that sale at higher prices, the higher the base price goes. The bulk of the outrageous home price increases occurred in tourist areas. Vegas, Florida, Coastal Carolina's and California were ground zero for the economic crisis. The people buying 2nd, 3rd homes and vacation spots contributed in rising cost's. They anticipated rental profits that never materialized due to the rising price of gas. As they defaulted on these loans or sold at a loss this caused the sub prime mortgage rate to increase. This is where people, such as the tenants of Tent City started getting screwed.

Their loans, the sub prime loans (Fannie and Freddy) went thru the roof. Forcing them to foreclose. If you are fortunate to have more than one house, you are allowed to negotiate the interest rate on the 2nd and 3rd house.
If you only have one your stuck paying what they want you to pay. As these people started loosing their houses, they have to cut back on spending. In turn, others were affected when businesses began to slow down and jobs had to be cut.

The loans themselves were insured by AIG.
AIG and other companies involved packaged these loans and borrowed $30 to every $1 that they held in collateral. They never anticipated the value of homes going down. If they did they didn't care because they were too big and the Government would be forced to bail them out. The truth is AIG, the large banks and the Federal Government are playing a money game at the expense of those with lower incomes.

The idea of letting certain businesses "fail or go bankrupt" is ignorant. AIG underwrites the insurance on the loans on millions of homes. If AIG goes under those millions of loans will be in default and banks big and small would go under as well. These loans are in the $billions. That might just be the reason for the bailout hmm...

As far as "paying to help these morons out" well, part of those people fought for you to have what you have now. If your "greed and ignorance" didn't cause you to buy all those houses they wouldn't need a hand out. They seem to be doing alright in Tent City, pulling together like that when they had nowhere left to go. Doesn't seem like they waited to be rescued, they took the initiative to provide for themselves with what little they had around them.

They need help. They are Americans. They did not ask to be forced into this situation. I cant imagine that anyone would want to be there. And you should be happy that they decided on trying to help themselves quietly in Tent City rather than commit to crime to get the bare necessities of life.

If it was left up to jackasses like this one, we would all be in Tent City.

Benifit's of legalizing marijuana

Before I start, I want to point out that while many people want marijuana legalized for many reason's be it medical or they just want to get high or whatever, I don't really care about that. I support legalization from an economic stand point. For the good of our Nation. The security of our future and keeping our children safe.
This is how legalization would affect me and million's of other American's that do not use marijuana and why every one should support it.

Scientific fact's about marijuana:
1. There is no scientific evidence that marijuana causes psychological damage or mental illness in either teenagers or adults.
2. Less than 1 percent of American's smoke marijuana on a daily basis and it does not cause physical dependence, if there are any withdrawal symptom's they are extremely mild.
3. Marijuana smoker's smoke less than often than tobacco smoker's therefor there is a lower chance of lung damage with marijuana smoker's. There have been no report's of lung cancer related to marijuana.
4. Marijuana is not a "gateway drug" it is the most popular illegal drug in the United State's. If someone has used a less popular drug like heroin or cocaine chance's are they have used marijuana too. Studies show that the majority of marijuana users have never used any other illegal drugs.
5. There is no compelling evidence that marijuana use contributes to vehicle accident's. Studies have shown that marijuana produces little or no changes that could affect car handling abilities. There is however a %48 chance of being killed by a drunk driver EVERY TIME you get on the road!
6. Marijuana decreases aggression and the vast majority of users do not commit crimes. According to law enforcement studies marijuana does not have a significant role in those users that have committed crimes.

Based on these studies conducted by scientists, health officials and law enforcement, my conclusion would be that we have substances that are far more dangerous on our market today.
As a tobacco user it appears I would be better off if I did smoke marijuana lol!

Now this is where I get involved in legalization:
We already know that it is a marketable product and we already have the regulations in place to market marijuana using the current laws in place for tobacco, so that takes out any guess work on the how to.

Think of the tax revenue! If applied to health care it would stretch much further than the new tobacco taxes.

Worried about your kids using? If it was regulated, they would have to go to the store. Cashier's are far less likely to sell your children marijuana than the neighborhood pusher. As a father of two, I like this alternative so much more!

Mexico drug wars, while it may not eliminate it completely, it would break it down dramatically.

Job creation: Farmers, Laborers, Retailers, Truckers, Packaging plants, Distributors, Fertilizer companies, Tractor companies, Regulators. A new market could open the gateway to jobs and investment opportunities across America!

There are medical benefits such as the those for cancer patients.

Law enforcement could focus on bigger crimes.

Marijuana is here and attempts to stop it's use have been futile. Why not allow it to be American made and put the terrorists and drug dealers out of business. There really is not any reasoning in keeping marijuana illegal.

I can NOT see how this benefits anyone other than drug dealers and terrorists.

What I can see is how this makes it too easy for marijuana to end up in the hands of my children. How this has led to the deaths of almost 10,000 people in an unnecessary drug war. How my taxes are wasted on enforcing this law instead of protecting our citizens. How our economy is a mess while we have this untapped resource, lost to the black market. How cancer patients are suffering while this small item could give them so much relief as they are dying. We must push this policy change while the window of oportunity is open.

I welcome you to leave a comment stating otherwise.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watching the stock market?

There are a ton of stock's out there now that are known to be BIG. Such as Citigroup, in Sep. of '08 the stock's worth was at $20 a share, right now it is selling at $2.63. Colonial Bancgroup inc. (cnb) was at $8 six months ago, today it is selling at a mere $.92. Even if you have never traded stocks before, you can do so easily using sites such as Scottrade, Ameritrade or Etrade. Personally I prefer Scottrade, their site is easy to use and they are alway's there to answer my question's.

Okay, so here is a simple breakdown of what a stock purchase could look like:
You have $1,000.
You purchase stock (we'll use cnb from above) at $.92.
You have enough money to purchase 1,079 share's ($992.68 invested, I'm using Scottades rate of $7 per trade)
Every penny that this stock gain's you will gain $10.79. (Now, keep in mind that the same applies when a penny is lost, you loose $10.79)
If cnb can climb back up to $8 you could be looking at a stock worth $8632.

What is so great about this is that you don't have to have a ton of money! You can purchase a great stock for as little as $500. (and chance's are you won't loose as much as you have lost in purchasing lottery ticket's)
Now that the Government is stepping up and people are looking into our economy more, it's only a matter of time before thing's start picking up, so even if you see a small decline here and there the long term could still pay off so don't freak out.

There are no gaurantee's that you will make money in the stock market. Yes, you could loose your money, but if you were going to take a chance in stock's there is no better time than now.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Immigrants Affect The US Ecocomy

Why pay more for labor than you have to?
First lets focus on Jobs. Unemployment rates are soaring, leaving many to struggle. You can't even get into fast-food in many areas! Immigrants come here to work, they will take jobs with low pay. Most Americans won't and can't afford to live on such a low salaries. That hurts Americans looking for jobs as well as those working in these establishment's.

Wait! It doesn't stop there. Alot of that money is being sent to other countries. Think of how many businesses are loosing money this way. American's generally don't send money out of the country so it keep's businesses in business in your area. The more money they get, the more they can hire, the more money get's put into that area, more money find's it's way to your pocket's.

Now, some people say, "Immigrants are only taking jobs that American's don't want" But if you look around that is NOT the case as you see here:

Iowa: 389 illegal workers at a meat packing plant
Miss. 600 illegal workers at a transformer plant
Nebraska: 1,297 illegal workers at a meat packing plant
These are just a few.

An estimated 1,000,000 immigrants enter the US every year. It's estimated that there are currently 20,000,000 in the US today. There are currently 12.5 million of unemployed American's.

Next let's look into health care: The majority of our hospital's are state funded. Funded by our taxes. They can not turn you away for medical treatment. Hospital's have outrageouse bill's as most of us know, and if you don't pay these bill's they can go against your credit score. This can hurt you when it come's time to purchase a house, car or even a phone. Immigrant's don't have Social Security number's and if they don't have insurance guess who pay's the bill?

Now, you might want to say, "immigrant's work and pay taxes too" But the truth is is that if they are paying taxes it is under a stolen identity if they are illegal immigrant's. You know that you have the option of "exempt" and "dependents" on your W-4's that lowers what is taken out and one major point here is this recent story:

A hospital in Illinois spent millions of taxpayers dollars to stabilize a immigrant Francisco Pantaleon when a head injury resulted in coma. Francisco Pantaleon a car wash worker had no health insurance. The hospital was latter protested by his family members.

Foodstamp's, Medicaid and Social Security Disability benefit's. All open to illegal immigrant's even if no contribution has ever been made.

One MAJOR issue we need to address here: DRUGS. We have all seen the report's on drug war's in Mexico. If marijuana was legalized in America it would help to cut back on this issue tho not completely. Drug's are a major product for Mexico, they need to get their product in the US. This hurt's us on so many level's. Not many thing's can tear apart family and friend's like a loved one on crack, cocaine or heroin. People are dying RIGHT NOW trying to get those drugs here!

This is NOT a question of race. This IS about America and our future. It's about having money in your pocket and food on your table. It IS about avoiding a "Tent City" crisis. This is also affecting legal immigrant's who have taken the step's necessary for them to make a decent living here.

There are many other factor's that I could discuss here such as car insurance and drivers licenses but I wanted to focus on major hit's we're taking in today's struggling economy.
Way's to stop this: Building a wall across the border, Reporting businesses that hire illegal immigrant's, Deportation.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oama, late night gaffe on Leno

Obama committed a late night no-no!
When he did not make the news, he became the news. He has shown exactly why no sitting president has ever done late night or any talk show for that matter. This is Obama's style, off the cuff. The vibe is laid back and you can get to comfortable in the one on one casual setting, it's the chance you take. It is my opinion that he should stay out the public's eye for a while. I love Obama but I'm starting to suffer from Obama overload. When used the phrase "Special Olympics" I reached for my laptop then stopped not really knowing which way this would go. I should have known how, this was the story. Guess I'm still learning. Let's face it, this is not the worst that could have been said, and many of us has probably used similar terms or cracks on people as well.

Ironically, this is a good thing for the Special Olympics, the publicity will shed light on the dire straights the organization is going through. Plus what ever they want they will lickely get for awhile. IF you watched the clip, as soon as he uttered the word Olympics, you could see him say to himself "Oh f*#@!" . Everyone knows he's a nice guy, he didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. Obama's just trying to be too cool. I hope the president takes some advice and lay low, and hang with the Family for awhile.

Hmmm...what's going on here?

New Jersey is looking to ban bare-it-all bikini waxing. The bill was proposed after a woman suffered injuries and filled suit. On Friday there was a desision to reverse the proposal after angry salon owners complained about losing business at the begining of swimsuit season.

Governor David Paterson of New York proposed a new four percent tax on downloads. This would cover everything from music, software, books and even pornography.

South Carolina, Sheriff Leon Lott of Columbia had officers stopping and questioning USC college students about the Michael Phelps bong incident. Yes, I understand that he broke the law but during that week when officers were preoccupied with these needless interogations, a 62yr old woman was beaten to death and robbed, several cars were broken into (do you know what it costs to replace a winow) a woman was shot and killed at an atm, 3 other ATM's were robbed, ect. ect. ect. its a question of priorities and what law enforcement should be enforcing.

Read on........

Again what is law enforcement enforcing? Jasper County Councilman LeRoy Blackshear proposed the ordinance in June. It would ban anyone from appearing in public "wearing his or her pants more than three (3) inches below his or her hips and thereby exposing his or her skin or intimate clothing." he goes on to compare this law to other laws imposed to protect us>> seat belts, open containers and DUI's and that this law is aimed at black youth. So next time your wondering why theres never a cop around when you need one, just know that they are busy protecting you from the dangers of saggy pants as unconstitutional as it may be.

Michael Steele apologizes to Rush Limbaugh, the errr...umm... dare I say it, talk show host/entertainer, after refering to him as a “talk show host/entertainer" during an interview in response to an e-mail by the Americans United for Change thats titled “The Republican Party has turned into the Rush Limbaugh Party.”

Rush Limbaugh defends AIG bonuses: Why in the world -- or how do you get to the point where you're going to bail out the company, but you don't want the employees to get paid?

In February, after a 5 year investigation, Forest Laboratories Inc. was acused of illegally marketing its anti-depressants Celexa and Lexapro to children and paying pediatricians kickbacks, now..... U.S. health regulators have approved Lexapro for depression in kids. Lexapro, is Forest's biggest product with annual sales of more than $2 billion.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will UNC make Obama look good?

I,m picking UNC.

Who do you think

will take the

crown? Can the

SEC show up?

I believe at least

1 SEC team will

make final four.

How much pressure

is on UNC? Will a

mid-major make

Elite eight?

VOTE !!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stop Blaming President Obama

Stop blaming Obama and start pitching in!

Have republicans lost it? First they pick a red neck Governor from the Ice age to be Vice President. Then they loose the election in a landslide. Next They nominate Micheal Steele to head the party. He immediately went after the "hiphop vote". Excuse me. I'm Steele laughing about that idea. The man is a train wreck, he shouldn't where shoes as often as he eats his feet. He will resign within six months or less.
This brings us to Rush Limbaugh of conservative talk radio.

Rush has been nominated head of the GOP by his base, bigots, rednecks and the misinformed. He uses their fear and anger to lead them. The man will say, anything to make money. But hoping Obama fails? That's insane! What do people get from this fat clown. You should always pay attention to how someone takes care of themselves, it tells you about the person they trully are.

But now they are blaming Obama for everything. If Planet Nibru comes they will blame that on the President also. The republicans think we are stupid as hell. They want us to get entangled in this AIG bonus bull.This would be counter productive, there's no real recourse. Although it makes for good television.

AIG can not go under they're too crucial to the world of finance. So get over it, we shouldn't be surprised anyway. This is what happens every time those that have, take from those don't. When allowed to, that why we should set strict rules with vigorous oversight. Simultaneously breaking the company down. Not all the way, but at least to the point where they no longer control the world markets.

The truth is Obama's plans are working and the economy IS going to pick up. He has a strong plan for housing that should start showing positive affect this year. The stimulus package, if handled correctly by the states (SOUTH CAROLINA) should spark a dramatic spike in the job market. Especially in construction and services. The biggest problem is the banks, they must lend money. We must do whatever it takes to help them become solid again. There's one thing I would like Obama to address and that's credit ratings. Certain debts should not count against you, like medical bills. Somethings you can't control. Besides, YOUR taxes fund state hospitals that foot the bill for illegals that dont have a credit score.

Don,t pop the Champagne yet. The republicans want us to forget about the last 8 years. We can't let that happened. Don't forget: 2 wars, touchier, Katrina, a war with no plan, Cheney, and the economy. This is a fraction of the known Bush failures. The republicans were with him lock and step.

So quit blaming Obama. Grab a hose or get out the way.

They say the end of the world will come when we're all having nic fits

Major tobacco companies, which expect to sell fewer cigarettes under the new tax laws, have already raised prices to boost revenues ahead of next month's federal increase. The propossed state tax on cigarrettes could range from $.07 to $1.00, this new state tax would come on top of a recently enacted 62-cents-per-pack federal cigarette tax hike. The costs don't stop there. Companies who retail tobacco products feel the need to "keep up" with these rising costs. If the product sales at lets say $2.5 and the profit is $.25 then why would they sale the same product at $5.13 and keep their profit at $.25. The price for a single pack of cigarrettes could look something like this; Base price $4.46 + retail markup $.50 + state tax $1.00 + federal tax $.60 = total amount $6.65 depending on your area.

The extra taxes would help fund health programs. Some hope it will affect smoking habits.

Is AIG to big to fail?

YES, AIG is that big. They are also to involved. I mean they have their hands in the most crucial elements of our financial industry. They are an insurance company for banks . What AIG does is insure loans and loans and loans on more diced up loans. A bank can take more than 1 loan and divide it into 3 4 5 or more parts. Mix the loan parts with other loan parts to create a new Frankenstein loan. That's the loan AIG insures. Now the bank borrows 40 dollars for every 1 dollars and invest it in to the housing market. If AIG goes under the the loans go under and not just the bad loans. A lot of the them are mixed together these loans are securities. So when the housing bubble burst AIG had to pay more than they had so they couldn't meet their debts. this is when Bush gave them 150,000,000,000 dollars. the problem with this is there was no strings attached a blank check. So far they have taken more than 200,000,000,000 dollars. Obama isn't going to let them keep operating business as usual. I expect massive change in the way we do business. This is not his fault but is his problem. And he will correct the problems, they cant continue to operate this way.
In one year AIG's stock has dropped from the high 70s, to a buck, although it's been moving up the last day or two. Look for this stock to continue to rise for at least while. I don't believe it will top 15 dollars any time soon but who knows anymore. Its probably a good time to buy, AIG stock is worth more than 2 dollars.
Here's the kicker AIG also sets the credit ratings.

Don't hang your head Gamecocks

It,s not the ending we all expected two weeks ago, but still a good season. A gamecock team that played 2 men short all year played with their hearts and it showed up in the win column. I really believe down the stretch we simply, ran out of gas. Downey and Fredrick were wore slap out, physically and mentally. The grind of the SEC regular season was just too much. The fact the conference didn't have a knockout team doesn't diminish the league as a whole. There are at least 9 quality teams, 4 were a little better than the others any of them could take any top 25 team to the wire. The high paced trapping defence turned their legs to jello and that kills your shooting. They were a team that needed everyone healthy all year and that didn't happened. Konrad and Ross both missed a lot of games. This forced Carolina guards into big minutes basically every night. After the high of the Kentucky game we disappeared. I say they were tired The grind of the season didn't doom the gamecocks post season hopes alone but is a definite factor.

The refs were also terrible all year. Our big men got beat worse than Rhianna after an awards show. I don't know how many times Holmes would get fouled, and the call would go on him. It was ridiculous and anyone who watched the games knows I'm telling the truth. But, it is, what, it is and some things won't change. With the combination of these and other factors its truly amazing we were able to last as long as we did.

Another problem was we would have long scoreless stretches. In these moments we needed to let the offence flow through our Bigs. Too many times we would force bad shots. This is an area that will improve next year with another year for Horn to work with the team.

I saw this team play a lot on T.V. and 4 times in person and it was fun to watch. This is what Gamecock fans have been waiting for. Its high speed in your face basketball. Downey is truly worth the price of admission. The big men defend the rim with reckless abandon and can finish with authority. I'm proud of this team, every player on this team left it on the court and when you do that you can keep your head up.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mark Sanford has got to go

Mark Sanford has got to go! It kills ME to here pundits refer to him time and again as a candidate for president. in 2012. That is flat out ridiculous! First off Sanford is the Governor of SC, his state ranks close to last in all categories. Education being one of the worst. This makes his decision to turn down Federal money that much more puzzling. Not to mention the 10.5 % unemployment rate, with some counties claiming 25% or higher. SC is currently 2nd place in the highest unemployment rate in the nation.
Another issue we haven't heard addressed is the Confederate Flag. Yes, it still flies on the statehouse grounds. The NAACP's boycott is still in affect. Although it doesn't get the attention it once did it still has a negative impact on our economy. Some of the most noticeable impacts occur in three areas; sports, entertainment and tourism, lifelines to our economic well being.
University of SC is looked over when opportunities arise like hosting certain tournaments, and one could argue that it hurts the basketball teams chances of getting an invitation to the NCAA tournament. The biggest name in golf does not come to SC. While Tiger has never said that the Confederate Flag is the reason it does make you wonder, considering the number of courses here.
The Colonial Life Arena was built in part to draw bigger acts. Yet, they still will not come. Why? it is hard to say but yet again, the Confederate Flag does not help on this issue.
Last is tourism. Do not believe for one moment that this has not been impacted as well. Recently SC decided to cancel Bike week, this may be the worst decision SC has made involving tourism.
Not only is the possibility of Sanford becoming President an extreme long shot, he could very easily lose his current JOB.