Thursday, May 14, 2009

F the banks, credit cards, big business, and stockmarket

When will someone stand up for the little guy. I am so sick of hearing bankers, pundits and politicians explain how poor people are to blame for the worlds trouble. This is so false. Anyone who argues these points are either lying, stupid or both. Poor people can only do what they are allowed. We have been sold out period. Look around and you can see. The have's take from the have nots.
The bailouts 1,500,000,000,000 went to the banks credit cards and God Knows where else. They have used our money in a fight to continue screwing us daily. You can not stop it. If we stop doing business with a company like Citi bank and they lose money they will pay off the politician's so they get bailed out. If you want something done by a congressman try "donating" money to them, this is what happens, except they pay off everyone. This is why credit cards charge 30% interest and why we now own AIG, GM, CITI, and the list continues. And when I say we own them it actually means they own us. So don' t expect any real change.