Thursday, May 21, 2009


Please tell me that you are not falling for Cheney's lies. This is what I gather from the entire situation. Bush was appointed President after a very close and never settled election. This left the country divided and weakened his position. He was focused on Iraq and bringing down Saddam. During this early time he was given information on the domestic threats from Bin Laden, that he ignored, because it did not fit in his agenda. This is where I fail to understand why action to follow up on the Intel was not ordered. I can only assume he did not take it seriously. A few months later on 9-11 it happened. The Bush administration freaked out at first. Then it dawned on them, they better strike while the iron was hot. The torture performed was to create Intel, not acquire. They simply needed a reason to go into Iraq. Now here it is.

This is just speculation so it can be argued, but water boarding someone 83 times in 30 days is torture. The fact that he is a terrorist is not the point, like Obama said "We are America".
What Dick is doing is dirty. You can't set someone up like he has. Its like a pilot who finished his leg of the flight telling his replacement not to crash the plane in front of the passengers. In this case Dick crashed the plane, more than once. Dick Cheney is a scary dude but the scariest part of this whole ordeal is some of you agree with him and Bush.
Liz Cheney and her dad should be ashamed for this. They are trying to sabotage Obama and the USA. This is bulls@!t.
Bush and Cheney have destroyed this country in so many ways. There is not one thing they did that can be looked at as good for the USA without a ton of debate.