Sunday, December 11, 2011


Gamecocks look to be in good shape with Shelby NC, DE Jonathan Bullard. Coach Spurier is set to visit Bullards mother this week. It seems to be down to Clemson and the Gamecocks. I feel like we bring him in as long as there is no major coaching changes.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Meet me at the Quarterback

That was the idea and goal this year for USCs, defensive line and more time than not that is where they met. Each Saturday they had a meeting place and that was the front face of the QB or maybe the side or back of the QBs head.
Many times over the year you have heard, Ingram,Clowney or others say they told each other" meet you at the QB" and the next play they were there, ready to congratulate a team mate or make a play. The stats and accolades speak for themselves. The amount of turnovers caused by this defense was amazing and when they got them. They seamed to force them when we had our backs to the wall. The defensive front proved they can dominate any Offensive line this year, they also showed us that they can cause turnovers. Another thing they proved is if they say, they are going to meet you some where, you better run.