Thursday, April 23, 2009

Torture persecution

Should we prosecute those who ordered detainees to be tortured?

The recent evidence released by Obama proves we did in fact torture over the past eight years.
Water boarding and different psychological fear based tortures are among the few outlined in the memo's.
The legal memo's also refer to one detainee, Kalied Shake Mohamad who had been water boarded over 200 times.
Mohamad was one of the main conspirators behind 9-11.

Many on the left are screaming for blood over the newly released information.
President Obama has made it clear that there will be no indictments for soldiers carrying out torture practices that they were ordered to perform.
The lawyers who wrote the legal memos claim the methods we were using were not torture.
Despite how absurd their opinions were they broke no laws, since this was just their opinion.

The buck ultimately stops with the president, vice president, his cabinet, advisers and staff.
There is no way in hell the United States, any other country or legal body can try the executive branch of the United States. There is classified information strategies, tactics, knowledge and general practices of operations that would prevent any trial from taking place. It would be a legal nightmare.

Also, doing so would tie up our entire judicial system. It would be a huge distraction that would be prolonged for years to come. This is one case that may never be resolved completely. This could cause serious division among Americans. The crippling effects would be devastating. This is not a time that we can afford to waste energy chasing our tail.

There is no good that could come from indicting G. W. Bush, Cheney or the rest of the idiots that got us into this mess. Although they deserve to be punished for their actions. The truth is America voted twice to elect G.W. and we knew what we were getting. Our hands are also dirty. Although I did not vote for Bush on either occasion we are all Americans. We all share the responsibility in one way or another. If for no other reason than the fact that these actions were committed in our name.

The thing is you can't change the past, what's done is done. It's unfortunate that President Bush chose to ignore the morals and standards that IS, America.
America has always promoted humane treatment for prisoners. In fact we demanded it. It's in our constitution, it defines our freedom and our ideals. There is no good ending to this chapter of American history.

Our focus should be on the future. We have a new administration whose plate is absolutely full. If your upset with our government, get involved.

"We do not torture"

That's something we can never say again.