Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fly Over: White House Military Office Terrorizes New York

White House Military Officer Louis Caldera approved the mission which allowed two F-16s and a Boeing 747 that resembles Air Force One, to fly over New York.
The Boeing, flying at low altitudes around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, appeared to be being chased by the F-16s. This is the area where the World Trade Center once stood.

Caldera claims steps were taken to notify the state and local authorities that they would be conducting this photo-op mission on Monday, along with a note that read,
"information in this document shall not be released to the public or the media".

Office building's were evacuated and confused 911 dispatcher's were flooded with calls as panicked citizen's feared the worse. It has not been that long ago that many of these same people witnessed the event's of September 11th first hand.

The ignorance of Caldera and the military allowing this mission to happen is astounding. Caldera has shown that he is in no position to "approve" orders after this unnecessary and potentially dangerous act that caused so much confusion and fear to our citizens. At this point the least Caldera, and anyone involved, could do is resign from their positions immediately.

It is a comfort to know that Obama is also furious over this matter and will take steps to assure this does not happen again.