Monday, March 16, 2009

Mark Sanford has got to go

Mark Sanford has got to go! It kills ME to here pundits refer to him time and again as a candidate for president. in 2012. That is flat out ridiculous! First off Sanford is the Governor of SC, his state ranks close to last in all categories. Education being one of the worst. This makes his decision to turn down Federal money that much more puzzling. Not to mention the 10.5 % unemployment rate, with some counties claiming 25% or higher. SC is currently 2nd place in the highest unemployment rate in the nation.
Another issue we haven't heard addressed is the Confederate Flag. Yes, it still flies on the statehouse grounds. The NAACP's boycott is still in affect. Although it doesn't get the attention it once did it still has a negative impact on our economy. Some of the most noticeable impacts occur in three areas; sports, entertainment and tourism, lifelines to our economic well being.
University of SC is looked over when opportunities arise like hosting certain tournaments, and one could argue that it hurts the basketball teams chances of getting an invitation to the NCAA tournament. The biggest name in golf does not come to SC. While Tiger has never said that the Confederate Flag is the reason it does make you wonder, considering the number of courses here.
The Colonial Life Arena was built in part to draw bigger acts. Yet, they still will not come. Why? it is hard to say but yet again, the Confederate Flag does not help on this issue.
Last is tourism. Do not believe for one moment that this has not been impacted as well. Recently SC decided to cancel Bike week, this may be the worst decision SC has made involving tourism.
Not only is the possibility of Sanford becoming President an extreme long shot, he could very easily lose his current JOB.