Friday, March 20, 2009

Oama, late night gaffe on Leno

Obama committed a late night no-no!
When he did not make the news, he became the news. He has shown exactly why no sitting president has ever done late night or any talk show for that matter. This is Obama's style, off the cuff. The vibe is laid back and you can get to comfortable in the one on one casual setting, it's the chance you take. It is my opinion that he should stay out the public's eye for a while. I love Obama but I'm starting to suffer from Obama overload. When used the phrase "Special Olympics" I reached for my laptop then stopped not really knowing which way this would go. I should have known how, this was the story. Guess I'm still learning. Let's face it, this is not the worst that could have been said, and many of us has probably used similar terms or cracks on people as well.

Ironically, this is a good thing for the Special Olympics, the publicity will shed light on the dire straights the organization is going through. Plus what ever they want they will lickely get for awhile. IF you watched the clip, as soon as he uttered the word Olympics, you could see him say to himself "Oh f*#@!" . Everyone knows he's a nice guy, he didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. Obama's just trying to be too cool. I hope the president takes some advice and lay low, and hang with the Family for awhile.