Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Immigrants Affect The US Ecocomy

Why pay more for labor than you have to?
First lets focus on Jobs. Unemployment rates are soaring, leaving many to struggle. You can't even get into fast-food in many areas! Immigrants come here to work, they will take jobs with low pay. Most Americans won't and can't afford to live on such a low salaries. That hurts Americans looking for jobs as well as those working in these establishment's.

Wait! It doesn't stop there. Alot of that money is being sent to other countries. Think of how many businesses are loosing money this way. American's generally don't send money out of the country so it keep's businesses in business in your area. The more money they get, the more they can hire, the more money get's put into that area, more money find's it's way to your pocket's.

Now, some people say, "Immigrants are only taking jobs that American's don't want" But if you look around that is NOT the case as you see here:

Iowa: 389 illegal workers at a meat packing plant
Miss. 600 illegal workers at a transformer plant
Nebraska: 1,297 illegal workers at a meat packing plant
These are just a few.

An estimated 1,000,000 immigrants enter the US every year. It's estimated that there are currently 20,000,000 in the US today. There are currently 12.5 million of unemployed American's.

Next let's look into health care: The majority of our hospital's are state funded. Funded by our taxes. They can not turn you away for medical treatment. Hospital's have outrageouse bill's as most of us know, and if you don't pay these bill's they can go against your credit score. This can hurt you when it come's time to purchase a house, car or even a phone. Immigrant's don't have Social Security number's and if they don't have insurance guess who pay's the bill?

Now, you might want to say, "immigrant's work and pay taxes too" But the truth is is that if they are paying taxes it is under a stolen identity if they are illegal immigrant's. You know that you have the option of "exempt" and "dependents" on your W-4's that lowers what is taken out and one major point here is this recent story:

A hospital in Illinois spent millions of taxpayers dollars to stabilize a immigrant Francisco Pantaleon when a head injury resulted in coma. Francisco Pantaleon a car wash worker had no health insurance. The hospital was latter protested by his family members.

Foodstamp's, Medicaid and Social Security Disability benefit's. All open to illegal immigrant's even if no contribution has ever been made.

One MAJOR issue we need to address here: DRUGS. We have all seen the report's on drug war's in Mexico. If marijuana was legalized in America it would help to cut back on this issue tho not completely. Drug's are a major product for Mexico, they need to get their product in the US. This hurt's us on so many level's. Not many thing's can tear apart family and friend's like a loved one on crack, cocaine or heroin. People are dying RIGHT NOW trying to get those drugs here!

This is NOT a question of race. This IS about America and our future. It's about having money in your pocket and food on your table. It IS about avoiding a "Tent City" crisis. This is also affecting legal immigrant's who have taken the step's necessary for them to make a decent living here.

There are many other factor's that I could discuss here such as car insurance and drivers licenses but I wanted to focus on major hit's we're taking in today's struggling economy.
Way's to stop this: Building a wall across the border, Reporting businesses that hire illegal immigrant's, Deportation.