Friday, March 27, 2009

Benifit's of legalizing marijuana

Before I start, I want to point out that while many people want marijuana legalized for many reason's be it medical or they just want to get high or whatever, I don't really care about that. I support legalization from an economic stand point. For the good of our Nation. The security of our future and keeping our children safe.
This is how legalization would affect me and million's of other American's that do not use marijuana and why every one should support it.

Scientific fact's about marijuana:
1. There is no scientific evidence that marijuana causes psychological damage or mental illness in either teenagers or adults.
2. Less than 1 percent of American's smoke marijuana on a daily basis and it does not cause physical dependence, if there are any withdrawal symptom's they are extremely mild.
3. Marijuana smoker's smoke less than often than tobacco smoker's therefor there is a lower chance of lung damage with marijuana smoker's. There have been no report's of lung cancer related to marijuana.
4. Marijuana is not a "gateway drug" it is the most popular illegal drug in the United State's. If someone has used a less popular drug like heroin or cocaine chance's are they have used marijuana too. Studies show that the majority of marijuana users have never used any other illegal drugs.
5. There is no compelling evidence that marijuana use contributes to vehicle accident's. Studies have shown that marijuana produces little or no changes that could affect car handling abilities. There is however a %48 chance of being killed by a drunk driver EVERY TIME you get on the road!
6. Marijuana decreases aggression and the vast majority of users do not commit crimes. According to law enforcement studies marijuana does not have a significant role in those users that have committed crimes.

Based on these studies conducted by scientists, health officials and law enforcement, my conclusion would be that we have substances that are far more dangerous on our market today.
As a tobacco user it appears I would be better off if I did smoke marijuana lol!

Now this is where I get involved in legalization:
We already know that it is a marketable product and we already have the regulations in place to market marijuana using the current laws in place for tobacco, so that takes out any guess work on the how to.

Think of the tax revenue! If applied to health care it would stretch much further than the new tobacco taxes.

Worried about your kids using? If it was regulated, they would have to go to the store. Cashier's are far less likely to sell your children marijuana than the neighborhood pusher. As a father of two, I like this alternative so much more!

Mexico drug wars, while it may not eliminate it completely, it would break it down dramatically.

Job creation: Farmers, Laborers, Retailers, Truckers, Packaging plants, Distributors, Fertilizer companies, Tractor companies, Regulators. A new market could open the gateway to jobs and investment opportunities across America!

There are medical benefits such as the those for cancer patients.

Law enforcement could focus on bigger crimes.

Marijuana is here and attempts to stop it's use have been futile. Why not allow it to be American made and put the terrorists and drug dealers out of business. There really is not any reasoning in keeping marijuana illegal.

I can NOT see how this benefits anyone other than drug dealers and terrorists.

What I can see is how this makes it too easy for marijuana to end up in the hands of my children. How this has led to the deaths of almost 10,000 people in an unnecessary drug war. How my taxes are wasted on enforcing this law instead of protecting our citizens. How our economy is a mess while we have this untapped resource, lost to the black market. How cancer patients are suffering while this small item could give them so much relief as they are dying. We must push this policy change while the window of oportunity is open.

I welcome you to leave a comment stating otherwise.