Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stop Blaming President Obama

Stop blaming Obama and start pitching in!

Have republicans lost it? First they pick a red neck Governor from the Ice age to be Vice President. Then they loose the election in a landslide. Next They nominate Micheal Steele to head the party. He immediately went after the "hiphop vote". Excuse me. I'm Steele laughing about that idea. The man is a train wreck, he shouldn't where shoes as often as he eats his feet. He will resign within six months or less.
This brings us to Rush Limbaugh of conservative talk radio.

Rush has been nominated head of the GOP by his base, bigots, rednecks and the misinformed. He uses their fear and anger to lead them. The man will say, anything to make money. But hoping Obama fails? That's insane! What do people get from this fat clown. You should always pay attention to how someone takes care of themselves, it tells you about the person they trully are.

But now they are blaming Obama for everything. If Planet Nibru comes they will blame that on the President also. The republicans think we are stupid as hell. They want us to get entangled in this AIG bonus bull.This would be counter productive, there's no real recourse. Although it makes for good television.

AIG can not go under they're too crucial to the world of finance. So get over it, we shouldn't be surprised anyway. This is what happens every time those that have, take from those don't. When allowed to, that why we should set strict rules with vigorous oversight. Simultaneously breaking the company down. Not all the way, but at least to the point where they no longer control the world markets.

The truth is Obama's plans are working and the economy IS going to pick up. He has a strong plan for housing that should start showing positive affect this year. The stimulus package, if handled correctly by the states (SOUTH CAROLINA) should spark a dramatic spike in the job market. Especially in construction and services. The biggest problem is the banks, they must lend money. We must do whatever it takes to help them become solid again. There's one thing I would like Obama to address and that's credit ratings. Certain debts should not count against you, like medical bills. Somethings you can't control. Besides, YOUR taxes fund state hospitals that foot the bill for illegals that dont have a credit score.

Don,t pop the Champagne yet. The republicans want us to forget about the last 8 years. We can't let that happened. Don't forget: 2 wars, touchier, Katrina, a war with no plan, Cheney, and the economy. This is a fraction of the known Bush failures. The republicans were with him lock and step.

So quit blaming Obama. Grab a hose or get out the way.