Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

Yesterday I sat with my Daughter and we watched clip after clip of the king of pop. She loves to dance so it just came to me to show her how great he was. It kinda makes me sad to see how much his life had changed since the days of Thriller and Billie Gean. I don't know if the rumors about him are true, either way it was hard to hear that he had passed. I have never been a huge fan of Michael, I just know greatness when I see it. Michael Jackson was great. My personal favorite artist was Tupac. Now, after watching Michael Jackson I started watching old Pac songs and thinking about his death and the mysteries that surround it. I started wishing Tupac had got to spend more time just having fun with his music. I looked back to Tupac's Digital Underground days. He had the smile there that many people share when they realize they have found what they love. I couldn't help but remembering when Michael smiled in the same way. Michael Jackson dead at the age of fifty of an apparent heart attack. He will always be missed. Michael Jackson was truly a great dancer.