Thursday, September 10, 2009

joe wilson is

A typical republican sad to say but true. Glen Beck and fatball have made money on showing the rest of us what the republican agenda is all about. STOP Obama at all cost. They hope for us to get killed in a terrorist attack, so we can see Obamas bad. They hope we have a civil war. They hope our President is assassinated. They all ways want to govern so bad but when they have had thier chances they showed they are a backseat driver with 3 DUIs. Everytime we let them drive we end up in a ditch. Whem we let Bush Jr drive he totaled our car after killing 7000 pedestrians. Now they want to drive again but they are no longer asking to drive, they are highjacking us(US). We can not let this happen. Please read, read history, nothing good for working men or women has ever came via Repulicans, only war and rip offs.............PERIOD....