Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I have never used my blog to promote anything before but I recently came a across a must read book by a very talented Author. I loved this book so much I am recommending it to all I know. Here is a review written by a reader: "Definitely a page-turner! A love story with a lemon-turned-lemonade twist. I thoroughly enjoyed this book--from the first page, I was instantly drawn into a world where possibilities are golden, but when the moment comes to make a decision, hearts break either way. Vivi's a tell-it-like-it-is narrator with an honest, stylish sense of humor. A chance meeting has paired her with someone who just might fill the empty space by her side, but before she can come to the conclusion that it's the L-word, love and fate join forces to create an obstacle course worthy of an Olympian. Throw traditional out the window; it takes two to tango and three to make it interesting I recommend Eien No Ai to anyone who has a fondness for Hello Kitty, Doc Martens,Visual Kei and the occasional dry wittiness!" Eien No Ai- Eternal Love