Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clowney is a Gamecock

Clowney Picked USC and he will have a huge effect on the team.
1st The attention we have received the last week is a big plus to our exposer factor. And shows it is OK to come here. The Glass has been Shattered.
Now to the Football angle. This kid will get his share of sacks and tackles and make plenty of great plays on D. He will also help on our Block teams. But what has not been said enough is he will have a indirect impact that will be huge. It will take 2 guys to even try to block him. Everyone will know where he is at anytime on the field. This will make our blitz stronger than we can imagine. One word "SpurBlitz". We will also get more picks. Because we will not need to blitz as much. I can see Clowney doing a lot of different things on D. Think about this, dropping him into coverage.
Last he may play on both sides of the ball. Wild Clowney, never know. But make no mistake his impact will be HUGE.